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Five nights at Rudys Funhouse (Night one demo)

2016-07-29 16:31:50 by Superpuppetfunny

Hey guys! We are developing a game called Five Nights at Rudys Funhouse and will come out between August and September. For now you can play the Night One demo on gamejolt. The game is based on gnat and funhouse (pinball 1990). Hope you guys enjoy the night one demo!

I am making the second version of Freddy's Toxic Nightmare 2, which will be released sometime in 2015.

Here's the demo (please note that only night 1 is in it right now):

I hope you enjoy!

It is called, "Freedies Toxic Nightmare", but as scary as the real game. Here is the demo of the game!

This game will be out some time in 2015, just finished night 3 but it will be on Newgrounds soon. Hope you guys enjoy!